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E. registered delivery

An electronic registered delivery service is a service that enables the transmission of data by electronic means between third parties. The registered delivery of electronic data is essential for the exchange of important electronic data in the world of technology. This service provides evidence related to the processing of the transmitted data, including proof of sending and receiving of data. This service ensures that the data transmitted is protected against the risk of loss, theft, damage or unauthorized alteration.

In the case of data sent and received using qualified electronic registered delivery services, the data shall be presumed to be complete, sent by the sender and received by the recipient, whose identities are known, and the date and time of sending and receiving data by qualified electronic registered delivery services are accurate. .

Only qualified reliable assurance service providers, the list of which is published on the website, may provide qualified electronic registered delivery services.

Qualified trust service providers providing qualified electronic registered delivery services are not registered in Lithuania. So far, there is no electronic registered delivery system in Lithuania, which does not have a qualified status.

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