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E. seal and website
authentication certificates

A qualified electronic seal shall certify that the data to which the qualified electronic seal is linked are complete and of appropriate origin.

Only a legal entity can create an electronic seal.

To certify electronic documents with a qualified electronic seal, you need to have a qualified electronic seal certificate.

You can obtain such qualified electronic seal certificates from qualified trust service providers who have been granted qualification status by a supervisory authority.

State Enterprise Centre of Registers

Company code – 124110246, registered office address – V. Kudirkos str. 18, Vilnius.
Registered in 2017 by the Director of the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania. December 1 by order no. 1V-1210 “On granting the status of a qualified trust assurance service provider providing a qualified electronic seal certificate creation service to the State Enterprise Center of Registers and inclusion in the trusted list”.

A website authentication certificate is a certificate that allows a website to be authenticated and links the website to the natural or legal person to whom the certificate has been issued.

If a website uses a website authentication certificate, the website visitor can be sure that the website belongs to the real and legitimate entity identified in the certificate. Such services contribute to building trust, giving consumers the courage to conduct online procedures, as they are assured of the identity of the websites they use.

Qualified website authentication certificates can only be created by qualified trust service providers who are authorized to do so. There are no such service providers in Lithuania today, but such certificates can be obtained from service providers established and supervised in other countries, a list of which can be found here.

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